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New Chapter Prostate 5LX™ Saw Palmetto Blend — 60 Vegetarian Capsules


  • Holistic Prostate Support
  • Helps Support Normal Urine Flow and Prostate Health
  • Non-GMO Verified Formula
  • NSF – Certified Gluten Free
  • 100% Vegetarian

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Herbal. Holistic. Health.™

Holistic Prostate Support: Prostate 5LX™ combines multiple prostate-supportive phytonutrients, including Nettle and supercritical Saw Palmetto.

Urine Flow Support: Prostate 5LX delivers specific revered herbs that help maintain normal urine flow function.

High in Selenium: Whole-food fermented Selenium, with complementary benefits from Rosemary and Green Tea, Supports a healthy antioxidant response in the whole body, including the prostate.

1+1>2: Contains a proprietary blend, with complementary Pumpkin Seed oil, that has been shown in vitro to be more effective than its single constituents.

Pure & Potent Extracts: Our sustainably sourced, 100% vegetarian capsules keep the herbs pure & potent and dissolve quickly so the herbs are rapidly available for absorption.

New Chapter® Herbal Therapeutic formulations target specific areas of wellness and provide synergistic combinations of full-spectrum herbs, whole-food fermented vitamins and minerals, and Omega fatty acids to support health and wellness


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